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A coin for the Ferryman

I want to die in peace and lay my body in the ground

But my soul shall surely be in torment if I haven’t got the pounds

Ill put some away each month, a penny for every day I breathe, so when im near my end I know that when im dead my soul will be at ease,

Every last penny that weighed heavy, ill pay to all my reapers,

That like ghosts haunt round the noose and tightened fast when I breathe deeper,

But as im told, I know that I must pay and budget for my death,

For every day I am not dying, I encrue a debt against my bets

Bets that I can somehow find a way to outlive all my regrets

That when I’m ferried to my resting place, my journey isn't fared to my assets.

Two coins for the ferryman or an offering to the boat

And if you cannot give it, then your destined to forever float.

A price plan for the funeral director, life insurance for your lover,

To ease the pain of losing you, with £10 a month to sunlifecover,

That promises you a guaranteed pay-out to cover all the hidden costs,

So both you and your loved ones can feel at peace when time is finally lost.

A prepaid funeral plan, a debt already paid,

As soon as you were birthed, It was your responsibility to save,

And scrape together every penny, for when arrives the inevitable day,

That the ferryman with his boat moors near, to take your pile of dirty away.

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