C   U   R   A   T   O   R    P   E   R   F   O   R   M   E   R     P   R   A   C   T   I   T   I   O   N   E   R     F   A   C   I   L   I   T   A   T   O   R

 H   A   N   N   A   H   M   A   R   Y   L   I    V    E   A   R   T  I   S   T

'Realized in live art and installations, the practise explores physical trauma, neurosis and catharsis through public engagement in the act of ritual.


Currently, the research has ventured into questioning the ethics behind Western burial techniques and how this specific capitalist burial market dehumanises death and causes anxiety.


Most recent works explore the relationship between humans within death and investigate who is responsible to care for the dead. It critiques the questionable notion of debt possessing the power to keep a soul from being released or transcended and what this means in a digital age where agency is taken away from our personal information and digital mourning, digital ghosts and virtual embalming are becoming embedded within our understanding of grief and remembrance.'

A permanent member of disORDER Live Art Collective




Currently a member of the Black Hole Club residency



Hannah Taylor  2019

C o m p e t e n c i e s  a n d  P e r f o r m a n c e s

March 01, 2019

Black Hole Club Residency Meet the Artists | Vivid Projects

The launch of Black Hole Club 2019, featuring a new cohort of 19 artists working across technology, film, sound and performance based practices.
Open 18.00-20.00 for Digbeth First Friday.

Ambie Drew / Andy Webster / Bex Ilsley / Carol Breen / Christopher D. Ansell / Dan Auluk / Dean Wellings / Dinosaur Kilby / Gemma Jones / Hannah Taylor / Helen Kilby-Nelson / James Dooley / Larissa E. Shaw / Libby Cufley / Liz Ord / Matthew Evans / Navi Kaur / Rosa Francesca / Tony McClure

February 27, 2019

disORDER disorders | Live Art evening at Studio 9294

Performance evening by collective disORDER 

A group of Goldsmiths and Royal College of Art MA Graduates

February 22, 2019

Hundred Years Gallery Nights #10 : as the rain that has lain long in the furrow

An evening of Live Art at Hundred Years Gallery

February 21, 2019

Phil Thomsons Arts Lab Presents: Disappearing Ink

Evening at 10000 Trades Birmingham showcasing Live Art, Spoken word and music 

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2017-2019 : Royal College of Art

MA Contemporary art practice: Performance


2010 – 2013: Aberystwyth University.

BA Drama & Theatre joint with Performance studies (2:1 Hons).