'Exploring the creation of eulogies and the tension between oral histories and digital archives.

With particular reference to Western burial techniques, it investigates how this capitalist burial market contributes to human conditioning, dehumanizes death, causes the manifestation of anxiety and scars our neuroendocrinological functioning by shaping  our symbiotic lived experiences.

Influenced by socioeconomincal failings to provide inclusive agency , the artist is interested in the myths of debt and its power to keep a soul from being released or transcended and what this means in a digital age where agency is taken away from our personal information and digital mourning, digital ghosts and virtual embalming are becoming embedded within our understanding of grief and remembrance.

Through installations & participatory performative acts, the artist investigates  a reclaiming of tactility and intimacy  when approaching our burial  culture.

Member of disORDER Live Art Collective | www.disorderliveart.com@disorder_liveart


Alumni of the Black Hole Club residency

| www.blackholeclub.com | @blackholeclub

Royal College of Art graduate 2019

Hannah Taylor 2021

[ C o m p e t e n c i e s  a n d  P e r f o r m a n c e s ]

November 23, 2019

[ Do Digital Profiles Dream of Death ] - Under different stars

23rd November 2019
Supported by @blackholeclub under the season 'Under different stars'
A co presentation with @demelza.toytoy and @eemilyscarrottt

Live Art Installation | Video | Robots | Plants | Rituals | Death Discussions

A co-presentation of independent research led practises; Hannah Mary, Demelza Woodbridge & Emily Scarrott provide a discursive space to encounter discourses, centred around creating agency in the cleansing of our physical and digital ghosts.

November 08, 2019

Disorder Vol 3

Performance of [ Do digital profiles dream of death ? ]

Disorders Vol. 3 is the third in a series of collective exhibitions by Disorder Live Art collective featuring international artists working both individually and collaboratively, exploring the potential for the live action to re-think physical and conceptual exchanges in non-linear space and to disrupt traditional notions of spectatorship and participation in public art.


 Friday the 8th of November with an evening of live performances and will continue on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of November with the screening of moving image works, performance documentation and a panel discussion with contributions by the artists and curators. The event is produced in-kind support from Ugly Duck

July 04, 2019

Disroder Live Art Festival

Disorder Live Art Festival Wolverhampton. Opening Day at Wolverhampton Art Gallery (artists in order of appearance) Demelza Toy Toy, Noe Iwai, Antonis Maros, Hannah Mary, Panicattack Duo. Friday 5 July 2019.
The festival opening at @wolvesartandculture featured the work of Master Graduates from the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths University of London. After Nigel Rolfe’s introductory speech, the artists presented five performance pieces in the Focus Gallery and the Georgian Room of Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Their works explored notions of identity, marginalisation and loss, reclaiming the institutional space as a site for collective critique, engagement and reflection.

April 05, 2019

TedX Wolverhampton

TEDX talk Wolverhampton on 'Regeneration through culture'

In 2019, TEDxWolverhampton explored how we can be mindful of these gaps and determine ways to build bridges, close the distance between our communities and fill the void in our knowledge and understanding to ultimately create a better world.

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2017-2019 : Royal College of Art

MA: Contemporary art practice: Performance pathway.


2010 – 2013: Aberystwyth University.

BA Drama & Theatre joint with Performance studies (2:1 Hons).

Residencies | Commissions:

May 2020-July 2020:

'Fragments', 'Creative Connections' project commissioned by Creative black country.

Covid-19 video and graphic response. www.fragmentsarchive.co.uk

Nov 2019:

Solo installation | supported by Blackhole clubs 'Under different stars'. Vivid projects


Jan 2019 -Dec 2019:

Black Hole club artist residency | Vivid projects | Live art and moving image based. development program.

May 2017 - November 2017:

Stryx Slow Cooker Artist Residency 

Studio residency and 3 touring  group shows