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Performed at a Clava Passage Cairn, a 4000 BC burial monument built with the intention of revisiting the dead and honoring them with rituals on the equinox. 
Originally built for Scottish King Daley.

This is the start of a series that looks at strategies for reclaiming burial and fertility rituals in opposition to the capitalist nature of western burial which promotes debt and environmental damage.

Reclaiming the pomegranate, a symbol of fertility in greek mythology that was then reappropriated by the catholic church as a symbol of holy men, there is a catharsis attached to the mirror image of my death connected to my blood condition and ripeness.

How might we revisit and honor the dead in relation to our own anxieties ?

Can we find ways to let go of the idea that we need to own our bodies in death even to the detriment of our financial social structure and environment?

How can women reclaim our own cycles of death ?

Photography by Neville Rigby
Performed at Cairn Daley Drumnodrochet

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