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Persephone does not have any known offspring even though Her myth is directly associated with Fertility and the seasonal cycle.


After Hades the God of the underworld wanting her to be his bride and tricking her into eating a pomegranate, she was cursed to have to return for so many months a year to the underworld. The Goddess of fertility and ripe seasons having to spend half her existence within the shadows of death, returning to spring the world to life.

This piece looks at many aspects of the condition of ITP , Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura and the psychological effects this condition has caused for me over time.

However it can always be interpreted within any of the boundaries of fertility, struggle, loss of youth, loss of control, the need to consume, the toxic relationship that develops during obsession or addiction and the struggle women have with the responsibility and expectation of pregnancy, motherhood and feeling ‘Ripe’.

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