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When I grow up..

Emily Scarrott & Hannah Mary

‘When I grow up I want to be...’ is an exploration of the societal roles forced on children, with a focus on the portrayal of women within this construct. It opens up the dialogue for how expression can breed the confidence to follow and achieve our dreams, encourage and provoke creativity of thought within our community. We want to stimulate people to abandon the ‘must be’ for the ‘want to be’. We also wish to raise the issue, of the freedom of children to explore in an economic climate, where the cuts within education to the arts, threatens their access to creativity, in turn stifling our children’s imagination to create and believe in their answer to the statement ‘When I grow up I want to be...’.

A contemporary collaboration between two opposing female artists – this piece encourages solidarity, not only between women but also extending to all artists within the community of Wolverhampton and the West Midlands.

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